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Monthly member meetings usually occur on the first Sunday of each month at 2PM. 

                 Results from the 2020 Georgia State Snipe Championship:


1      Hal Gilreath/Emily Gilreath - Florida Yacht Club
2      Christopher Stang/Lindsey Stang -Charleston, SC
3      Scott Cline/Bill Simons -Privateer Yacht Club
4      Don Hackbarth/Connor Milam -Atlanta Yacht Club
5      Michael Carlson/Leif Carlson -Atlanta Yacht Club
6      Greg Kibler/Rita Fullick -Atlanta Yacht Club
7      Terry Bihary/Camryn Bihary -Atlanta Yacht Club
8      Ernesto Bergeron/Elena Bergeron- Atlanta Yacht Club
9      Larry North/James Godwin -Valdosta Yacht Club
10    Terry DeGan/Amber DeGan - Atlanta Yacht Club
11    Rodolphe Boulais/John Kuspin -Valdosta Yacht Club
12    Tommy Herring/Michael Herring -Valdosta Yacht Club

Michael Herring and Leif Carlson were also recognized with Junior Sailor certificates